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In recent years, IT offshoring has enabled enterprises to achieve reduced costs in IT projects. But IT offshoring has often fallen short when it comes to large-scale IT projects. A combination of communication problems, lack of visibility and outmoded development methodologies has caused many large projects to fail, or to be significantly misaligned with business priorities upon delivery. Even more challenging, very few IT offshoring companies have understood the importance of producing solutions that truly impact business outcomes.

When Global companies and leading independent software vendors want an IT offshoring company with the ability to handle large projects and to focus efforts on delivering positive business outcomes, they turn to First Idea LLCs.

First Idea LLCs is global delivery model delivers more value in IT offshoring services.

First Idea LLCs is global IT services and IT offshoring company serving enterprises in a wide variety of industries, including Communications & Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Media, Information & Entertainment. First Idea LLCs IT offshoring assists enterprises in accelerating business outcomes by:

Focusing efforts on delivering results that offer positive business outcomes.
Providing a broad portfolio of IT services.
Delivering the highest quality of code through superior software engineering capabilities.
Employing Agile IT and Lean IT methodologies to minimize the risks in IT projects. First Idea LLCs  With offshoring resources in locations throughout the world, First Idea LLCs can deliver round-the-clock development while onsite teams ensure that projects are well-managed and aligned with the needs of the business.

End-to-end IT consulting and offshoring solutions.

With deep consulting and project experience, First Idea LLCs IT offshoring offerings include end-to-end solutions such as:

IT consulting services that help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT application environments.
Product development services that span the entire lifecycle of product from conceptualization through design and development.
Application development services with well-defined and mature development processes that support clients through the entire development lifecycle and help transform application development investments into reliable and future-proof applications.
Partner Program 
Our partner program is to help you develop business opportunities for your company.
Offshore IT Staffing
We work as an extension to your in-house technology team with benefits of costs effective outsourcing.